7th Tradition



LAA for

Adult Children


This meeting is for Adult Children who want to do some deep process work. We are not associated with the organzation ACA. We are sponsored by LAA. In this meeting, you will learn more about what kind of parent you had and what was done wrong when you were growing up. You will get a chance to grieve what happened to you. For the purpose of this meeting, an Adult Child is anyone who grew up in dysfunctional environment (home, school, church) and experienced trauma. Your parent did not have to be some kind of addict. Everyone is welcome!

Statement of Purpose

This meeting was created to offer a safe place for people to process the pain of their past and recover from the after-effects. Together we will share our experience, strength and hope with each other. As a group, we will support each other unconditionally. We will also read literature, share ideas, process information and work a program of recovery. Please be assured that no particular ideology will be forced upon you. You can take what you need and leave the rest. If you are an adult child, or think you might be, join us on our journey toward putting our childhood into perspective and establishing healthy relationships with ourselves and others. Let us do together what we cannot do alone.