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Adult Children/Parents

Saturdays at 2:00 a.m. PST (West Coast)

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Meeting ID: 844 3302 4643
Passcode: 923329

This meeting is for Adult Children and Parents who want to do some deep process work. You will learn more about your childhood and what went wrong. If you are a parent, you will learn healthy parenting skills. You will also get a chance to grieve what happened to you. For the purpose of this meeting, an Adult Child is anyone who grew up in dysfunctional environment (home, school, church) and experienced trauma. Your parent did not have to be some kind of addict. Parents are anyone in recovery who have children—both young children and adults. Everyone is welcome!

Please be aware that we will be discussing some sensitive issues about our past neglect and abuse. At the same time, we will always have literature about recovery that we will read at the meetings. Hopefully, people will process their pain and talk about recovery at the same time.

Meeting Readings

My wounded inner Child Susie praying for help.
Her prayers were answered.